Friday, April 20, 2012

Going to the dogs

Q: Holy Seamus! Is your pet dog safe? 

A: PoilitiFact says.

Q: Why in the world would Romney’s supporters kick up a fuss about what Obama ate when he was a child living in Indonesia?

A: Well, on the face of it, one might assume it’s to blunt the effect of Romney’s weird dog-on-the-car-roof story. Might quarterback Michael Vick tell us it's better to torture a dog than eat it?

Sure, on the surface, that's part of it, but I have to say that’s probably not most of it.

No, it’s mostly an oblique way to remind people of Obama’s unusual background. By talking about Obama eating strange foods as a boy living an exotic life, in a faraway land, it’s a backdoor way of stirring up the crackpot birthers and other haters who relentlessly bellow that Obama is an Un-American, secret Muslim ... without actually having to throw in with them.

Q: Other than people who already detest Obama and would never vote for him, who cares about whether Obama tasted dog meat as a child?

A: No one, but Vick might still be a little bit curious about how it tastes.

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