Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Furiously flapping feathers

The cartoon above is one of mine, it's from a little over six months ago, July 30, 2011.

Now, given how skillfully President Barack Obama has pursued his practical progressive agenda since that contrived crisis, it seems to me that he learned a lesson. Obama's tone and tactics since Labor Day have reflected that he has accepted the sad truth that the most recalcitrant of Congressional Republicans are totally bent on preventing any improvement whatsoever in the nation's general well-being; at least they are for as long as he is president.

So be it.

Of course, the zany series of debates the Republican presidential hopefuls have offered the 24-hour news cycle has helped to underline the sad truth -- as a political party, the 2012 GOP has nothing to offer but angry criticism and proposals warmed over from the Cold War.

So now the furiously flapping feathers of right-wingers trying to defeat Obama are providing wind to fill his sails. Irony from the blow-back of hot air is cool.  

What it is.   

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