Tuesday, February 07, 2012

On the Biograph 40th: Baldwin's 'Golden Age Revisited'

Here's a snippet of STYLE Weekly's coverage of the Biograph's 40th anniversary celebration to benefit the James River Film Society:
It's the early '70s: An era when rebellion is mainstream and knowing art films can help a young man score. The drinking age is 18, though bars close at midnight. And, if you can believe it, an X-rated porn film titled "Deep Throat" is banned in New York City while playing to sold-out crowds in Richmond.

Terry Rea, longtime local journalist, publisher, cartoonist and former manager of the Biograph, recalls the period well for someone who was actually there. Located at 814 W. Grace St., the theater lasted from 1972 to 1987, before closing primarily because of the national death of repertory cinema by cable television and video.

"A lot of people found out about great art films there. We were expanding minds," Rea says. "That made up for the horrible seats."
Note: The Biograph Theatre's seats were notoriously uncomfortable. They were literally from the 1920s and in their day were never top of the line.

Click here to read Brent Baldwin's "Golden Age Revisited."

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