Friday, June 03, 2011

Post Pizza Summit: Are Palin and Trump teaming up?

So the grand diva of Tea Partyland, Sarah Palin, is back on the bus to promote her, to launch her, ah … to make news out of nothing. Yesterday she was in Boston to demonstrate her deep knowledge of American history (see video).

Palin’s hot weather bus tour has received a good deal of attention from the very people she seems to hold in contempt -- those who work for aspects of the mainstream media. Of course, Palin doesn’t say “mainstream.” That wouldn’t be cute.

Palin must think her fans like it when she says “lamestream.” I think she’s right, but saying “lamestream media” isn’t clever, anymore.

To me, it never was. Still, I understand some folks think Sarah Palin is so cute that anything she says is spot-on. To them, when she said “refudiate,” it wasn’t a dumb-ass slip of the tongue. It was super cute. Even sassy!

Donald Trump thinks he’s cute, too.

Trump surely is fan of sass. And, I betcha Palin likes Trump’s gall, not to mention his audacious fashion sense with that hairdo thing.

Their pizza date in New York was inevitable. More get-togethers are bound to come.

If they do team up, just imagine what their combined tour on wheels might look like. As a dynamic duo, Palin and Trump -- or would it have to be Trump and Palin? -- could dominate the news by just meandering around the country to rewrite history and to continue to announce that neither of them has decided whether to run for president. Celebrity worshipers would be in heaven.

Such a spectacle could also sell millions of T-shirts, and whatnot. They could drive politicians in both major parties crazy, because they would suck up all the time and space in the news reports of the day.

Some cable news networks would probably turn it into a realty TV show. I can see the signature opening for their show now: With Mancini's "Moon River" playing in the background we see wheels rolling, then their bus crossing a bridge, then a cheering crowd and a waving American flag, then one of Sarah's cutesy winks, then one of The Donald's steely squints ... two grifters off to see the world.


Robert said...

If they do declare as a ticket, the comedians of the world will rejoice!

Anonymous said...

That woman is an insult to women.

Anonymous said...

By the by, the Boston Herald reported what she said about Paul Revere was actually true -- so maybe you Terry ought to study history. But why let facts get in the way of your continuous conservative women bashing - and I guess your Feb pledge to stay off the Palin is now a moot point? Yoiu are too sad.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous, in just a couple of hours you sure did change your tune. Maybe you skipped your meds?

Anonymous said...

First anonymous stands by her comment - takes no responsibility for the claptrap of the second posting.