Monday, June 06, 2011

Palin's shameless and busy Wiki-boaters

When it comes to the modern demonization process, Republicans don’t miss a trick. They know how to focus propaganda on an enemy, to do damage, as well as anybody. They gave us the need to invent the term "swiftboating."

Yes, they know how to sling the slop. But they also know something about how to avoid incoming attempts to tar one of their own.

The battle between Sarah Palin’s supporters and history, as we knew it, is a perfect example: Palin’s Palinistas have heard the taunting reactions to their darling's strange summing up of Paul Revere‘s famous ride.

Can't wait to see what Tina Fey will do with this gift.

However, since it was over 200 years ago, the busy Palinistas feel certain there are no eyewitnesses alive today. Moreover, there’s no pesky video record of the event on YouTube.

So, the Revolutionary War is just more good old malleable history. It all depends on which history one believes.

It’s basically the same mindset as when Flat-Earth conservatives say it all depends on which scientists one chooses to believe. So, with straight faces, they call for teaching creationism in public schools, as an alternative to evolution. In pursuit of the Almighty Dollar they endlessly blow off evidence of mankind’s contribution to the process of global warming/climate change.

When pinkos and milksops mock Sarah Palin the Palinistas won’t let it stand. It matters not what claptrap has spilled out of Sarah’s mouth, between those you-betcha winks. No reach is too far for the faithful to use to slough off the guffaws.

The part of this picture that is somewhat baffling is that serious Republicans, who know better, don’t seem to care what price might have to be paid for using such silliness as a cornerstone for building a political base.

As long as the Palin activists can win the Wikipedia battle against the liberty-hating liberals who want to hurt their celebrity girl, Sarah’s magic bus will roll over her enemies, to save the nation from socialism ... and Muslims.

Hey, once the Earth is back to being flat, anything's possible!

Since we can be sure, at long last, (sigh), they have no shame, now I fear we may be facing the need to invent a word like Wiki-boating.

-- Art and words by F.T. Rea

Updates: Borowitz can't resist: “Palin: ‘We Must Never Forget the Wisdom of Jefferson, and his Wife, Weezy’”

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Anonymous said...

Thank God Mr. rea that Sarah palin is still around to give you something to obsess overinstead of frisbee and the good old days at the biograph. You are indeed a man obsessed with conservative women. Lets hope Bachmann and O'donnell make similar comebacks. & btw the NYT is looking for people to read Palin's emails - you have time on your hands, right