Friday, February 18, 2011

Picasso's Richmond Period: 12 weeks at the VMFA

The 176-piece Picasso show (Feb. 19-May 15) is spread out over 10 galleries in the newly renovated Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. My take on the show, "Picasso's Richmond Period," is at
In the long run, though, perhaps local school children will be the greatest beneficiaries of this chance to see a collection of objects that did much to shape the world’s art history over eight decades -- art that most people only ever see in photographs.

It will be interesting to see how many kids’ art shows will have Picasso-influenced pieces in them over the next year. So, don’t scold the sixth-graders for putting both eyeballs on the same side of a face ... they will just be having a little fun.

Nyerges said, "An exhibition this monumental is extremely rare, especially one that spans the entire career of a figure who many consider the most influential, innovative and creative artist of the 20th century."
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Then click here to read Harry Kollatz's piece on the show at Richmond Magazine.

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