Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something's brewing: Save our schools!

Chris Dovi (formerly on the staff of STYLE Weekly) writes about a demonstration to do with public education at Capitol Square last week.
“First we grab the [state] money back,” says Kirsten Gray, one parent adding her voice to the din of chanting marchers at the rally, “then we turn to Richmond Public Schools – the public schools are our schools.”
Click here to read all of Dovi's "Unexpected Bedfellows" at RVANews.

With the debate over charter schools and other experimental approaches of public education in the air, in state politics, it seems that frustration over the direction of public education in Richmond is coalescing. A couple of hundred people in the streets chanting , "Save our schools," in February could be a couple of thousand people when the last of the snow mounds finally melt.

Legitimate grassroots political movements are always interesting, because they throw a random factor into the process that sometimes makes for unexpected outcomes. And, the way education issues are splitting now, the citizens willing to speak out to criticize the status quo or new proposals are coming from diverse political/philosophical persuasions.

For more on education matters, click here to visit a local blog that calls itself Save Our Schools; it is edited by former Richmond School Board member Carol A.O. Wolf, who is also a former STYLE Weekly staff writer.

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