Friday, June 19, 2009

Richmond's dated and silly logo

Isn't it time for Richmond to get a new logo? The current logo, unveiled about 1o years ago, still looks to me like offend-no-one, focus-group-art. But, it's a little bit too cute, and now it looks dated.

Rather than hire a design group to create another safe but silly replacement, how about a contest for a new logo? Put together a good panel and let it choose a design from submissions. The winner could get a cash prize that would cost The City much less than doing it the other way.


Kyle said...

Why not just use the city flag? It has a classic look and it doesn't get enough use.

paul_h said...

Not being an artist, I don't have a logo, but I do have a helluva slogan which I'm not telling anybody yet.

It is WAY better than the current one, One City, Our City, which means absolutely nothing.

I'll share the slogan with you if you want to do the art.

genevelyn said...

How about a graffiti tag on an overpass as viewed from I-95