Monday, June 15, 2009

House of Freaks video clips

The House of Freaks, a two-man band -- Johnny Hott on drums, the late Bryan Harvey on guitar and vocals -- appeared on Mondo City in 1990.

Click here to see clip No. 2 from the same Mondo City show.

At the time, Bryan and Johnny were kind enough to come on a low-budget local cable television program that I produced and hosted, to sit for questions. Naturally, we worked nothing out in advance. As always, we took phone calls from viewers ... it was all live.

These clips are part of a half-hour segment of the interview. In other weeks the guests on Mondo City included GWAR, the Bopcats, Page Wilson, Chuck Wrenn and others.

For background on the 2006 death of Bryan Harvey and his family click here.

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