Friday, January 30, 2009

'Arts Flashback' series from Save Richmond

The intrepid Don Harrison is back on the job at Save Richmond. His web site has recovered from sabotage and once again he's spearheading an effort to shine a light on the seemingly always squirrelly money aspects of the Downtown performing arts boondoggle/CenterStage.

But this post is less about today's strange relationship between Richmond and its arts community and more about the history of such. Harrison's arts flashback series is back up. See what you can find in the way of patterns, while you absorb some history.

"Richmond Arts Flashback: Salvage Work." Click here.
"Richmond Arts Flashback: Mr. Cabell's Richmond." Click here.
"Richmond Arts Flashback: The Earl of Chesterfield." Click here.
"Richmond Arts Flashback: What Ever Happened to TheatreVirginia?" Click here.
"Richmond Arts Flashback: Richard Florida and 'Street-Level Art'" Click here.
"Richmond Arts Flashback: Takin' It to the Streets." Click here.

Thanks, Don. Keep the faith.

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Don Harrison said...

Terry: You are WAY too kind. Thanks so much for passing these links along and for the nice words.