Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Silly Music Videos

Sometimes we need to hear the blues played with raw sincerity. Sometimes we want to cry in our beer, listening to a song that takes us back to a powerful memory. But fortunately, music can touch us in other ways, too, because music can be just for fun.

Occasionally music is meant to be funny, sometimes even silly. Here are nine links to music videos at YouTube that are strong on silly in some way. In at least one case, it's mostly the picture, but not entirely.

An ex-squeeze of mine used to call this sort of material, "joke music," especially when she'd heard enough of its genre. And, I wanted to play more of it, but it was late and time for the party to end, etc. Of course she had a point, but at this time of year, with the days still getting shorter, I'll take any help to brighten the moment.

Now, just for laughs, click on the links in order.

One ... Two ... Three .... Four ... Five ... Six ... Seven ... Eight ... Nine.

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