Monday, December 08, 2008

Maddux hangs up his glove

After winning his 18th Gold Glove in his 23rd season in Major League Baseball, pitcher Greg Maddux, 42, retired today; click here to read an AP report.

Maddux won 355 games and lost 227. He won four consecutive Cy Young Awards (1992-95). Click here to look at his stats at

With his old Atlanta Braves teammates John Smoltz, 41, and Tom Glavine, 42, weighing their own career options in the off-season -- they were on the same pitching staff for 10 years in the age of free agency! -- this Braves fan likes the idea of watching all three of them enter the Hall of Fame on the same day.

What are the odds of that?


Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

Good on Maddux for a great career in a time of juiced balls and players.

He might have been one of the smartest pitchers ever. I remember reading a profile in SI when he was with the Braves. One of his teammates told the reporter how he predicted that a ball was going to be hit into their dugout based on the way the batter was swinging the ball and who was on the mound. Eerie.

If he ever becomes a manager, he'll have a few (more) World Series rings to put on his fingers. There have been few of his level of talent and genius in this game.

I respect him that much and I'm a Yankee's fan.

F.T. Rea said...

Tom Sanchez Prunier,

Maddux has been a marvel to watch. And, I wonder how much of what he was doing with a baseball, his deft touch at the point of release, could be taught to a kid.

Like you, I imagine Maddux might be a good teacher/manager. His brother is a pitching coach with the Rangers. But in most sports, especially baseball, great athletes don't usually make good coaches. So, it will interesting to see what he does.