Saturday, November 22, 2008

A job well done at RK

Well, it seems the Virginia-centric political blogosphere is going to lose one of its most significant players at the end of the year. According to a post by its most prominent/consistent voice since its 2005 origin, Lowell Feld, the Raising Kaine web site is going to fade into the sunset at the end of December.

Having had some hand in electing Gov. Tim Kaine and Sen. Jim Webb to office, which surely set the table for what happened this year, Feld and his RK associates can certainly walk away with a well-earned sense of satisfaction from their four years of collective effort.

Yes, for some of those who live and breathe looking at politics through a blogger's lens, it's easy to over-magnify how much impact RK -- or any other blog, or all the blogs put together -- has had on the last four years of political evolution.

But there can be no mistaking that the blogging phenomenon has been some good part of a staggering transformation that has brought more change to the American political landscape than anyone could have predicted four years ago.

Now, with President-elect Barack Obama's administration soon to move into the White House, it's easy to imagine that the next four years will bring even more change than the last.

RK's successful experimenting with how to organize and spread the good word in the modern way, using the Internet, is surely being studied as you read this post by Democrats and Republicans, alike. And, that's for good reason.

Job well done.

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