Thursday, November 27, 2008

Frisbee-golf story in RT-D

Click on the YouTube box above to see three minutes of highlights from recent GRFGA play in Byrd Park.

"We play year-round," [Larry] Rohr said. "If it snows, we'll go out to see how they fly in the snow. Sometimes the snow will melt, then freeze, and there is a hard crust that is good for sliding.

"If the snow is soft, sometimes your Frisbee will disappear underneath a white blanket. If the snow is fresh, you can dig it out. If there are footsteps everywhere, you might have to wait until the snow melts to find your Frisbee."

Rohr, 60, is old school. He more often calls the game he has played for 32 years "Frisbee" golf. The more common reference now is disc golf.

Click here to read Paul Woody's article about Frisbee-golf/disc golf in Thanksgiving Day's RT-D.

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