Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Favre fatigue factor

The Redskins looked good in their first preseason game under new head coach Jim Zorn. So far, the news out of the Washington training camp has not been tainted with hold-outs or other distracting squabbles between management and the players. Fortunately, there's no sign that owner Dan Snyder has been coveting Brett Favre.

What a mess the Packers have on their hands:

"It's time for it to be over," cornerback Charles Woodson said. "It's gone on long enough."

As the league's longest-running daytime drama continues to twist and turn, Woodson and other veteran Packers players aren't publicly assessing blame or taking sides. They just don't want to talk or think about it any more.

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Like so many football fans I have long admired Favre's style on the playing field. But I have to admit I did not enjoy watching his sobbing retirement press conference. Actually, I cringed as he went on, and on...

Without that rather bizarre Mar. 6 tear-fest, the story of a star quarterback un-retiring would hardly be so unusual. The soap opera it has been for the last month was spawned, in great part, by that weepy performance. Hopefully, he will be traded somewhere -- anywhere! -- before the Favre fatigue factor in Green Bay drives most of his adoring fans nuts.

Update: ESPN is reporting that Favre has been traded to the New York Jets.

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