Saturday, August 16, 2008

1974: A year of change

Part Three

"Chinatown" is 10" wide and 7.5" tall. It was done in 2007 in color pencils, ink and paint on paper.

Directed by Roman Polanski "Chinatown" premiered at the Biograph Theatre on June 28, 1974. In my nearly 12 years as manager of that cinema, I can't remember being more stunned by the first screening of a movie.

During the film's run the Biograph's staff and regular patrons played at finding obscure foreshadowing clues and such in the background and dialogue. Clearly, it was rare fun for us to have the best first-run picture in town, exclusively, for most of a summer. Then we closed for a quickie renovation, which converted the Biograph into a twin cinema.

"Chinatown" remains my all-time favorite to this day.

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-- Art by F.T. Rea.

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