Wednesday, May 14, 2008 on community blogs

The second installment of’s look at the local community blog scene is up. Here’s an except of Stephanie Brummell’s piece:
"It comes down, I think, to the fact that Richmond has these great, old neighborhoods," said John Murden, creator of one of Richmond's first community sites, the Church Hill People's News. "Church Hill is distinct from Jackson Ward and is distinct from the Fan and Oregon Hill, and so we have all these little areas that were well served by community newsletters in the past – it just goes back to the neighborhoods."

Click here to read the entire piece (including last week’s Part One).

Kudos to for seeing this story as newsworthy. Until now, Richmond’s intrepid community news publishers have been recognized for their groundbreaking work much more by national media scholars than they have by the local mainstream media. Click here to read a little background on that claim.

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