Monday, May 12, 2008

Lapel pin makes news, again

Shiver me timbers! Both MSNBC and CNN are reporting that Sen. Barack Obama actually wore an American flag lapel pin today. Both cable television news networks offered video clips that appeared to back up their nearly-startling claims.

What about more proof of Obama's rediscovery of lapel pin patriotism?

An AP article, “Obama defends his patriotism, quarrels with McCain,” on the campaign in West Virginia used the appearance of the lapel pin as its lede:
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Wearing a flag lapel pin, Sen. Barack Obama emphasized his patriotism and support for a strong and humane military Monday, while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton implored West Virginians to sustain her hopes of somehow denying him the Democratic presidential nomination.
Deeper into the article a semi-significant bonding-with-the-blue-collars breakthrough for Obama was revealed, as the nominee-apparent sought to shake off his "elite" image with the beer-and-a-shot crowd.
After the speech, Obama stopped at Schultzie's Billiards hall, where he showed greater skill at pool than he had at bowling last month in Pennsylvania. As a small crowd oohed and ahhed at his third consecutive good shot, Obama said his skill was "the sign of a misspent youth. I wasn't doing wholesome things like bowling."
Elsewhere, Sen. John McCain complained about unfair treatment by the media. And, Sen. Hillary Clinton complained.

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