Monday, November 19, 2007

Glavine Returns to Atlanta

As reported by AP: Crafty southpaw Tom Glavine, winner of 303 games over his career, has agreed to return to the Atlanta Braves. Glavine, on his way to what many now consider a sure Hall of Fame induction after he hangs up his spikes, pitched for the Richmond Braves in 1986 and '87.

Glavine, who is married with four children, has come full circle after an acrimonious split from the Braves in 2002.

The crafty left-hander kept his primary home in suburban Atlanta while pitching five years for the Mets. He set himself up for a return to the Braves by turning down a $13 million option to remain with New York in 2008, taking a $3 million buyout. He then gave the Braves a bit of a hometown discount, something he wasn't willing to do five years ago.

Glavine's options were further limited when Curt Shilling took an $8 million deal to remain with the Boston Red Sox...

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