Monday, July 23, 2007

What's wrong with Hillary?

Watching the Democratic debate I just got a chill. Sen. Hillary Clinton finished what she was saying and was caught afterward on camera looking quite satisfied. Too satisfied. Suddenly, for a flickering few seconds, candidate Clinton looked too much like the evil mom, played by Angela Lansbury, in “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962).


Anonymous said...

I am sure Clinton was upset that actually had to debate. She and Edwards are not happy that candidates like Kucinich (the only Democratic candidate who was against the war form the start) refuse to back out. They have already been caught off camera conspiring on how they can exclude in the future.

Ralph Nader has vowed to run again if Clinton is the nominee.

Catzmaw said...

Ralph already caused enough damage by siphoning votes away from Gore in 2000. He can stay home.

Hillary does give me the willies at times. She seems so packaged and programmed, but if she's the nominee I'll still vote for her and I won't throw my vote away on some protest vote for Ralph Nader.

Love the comparison to Angela Lansbury's triumphant turn as the evilest mommy ever in The Manchurian Candidate. Incredible to think that she was then in her early thirties but playing a 50 something mother to a man who in reality was close in age to her. And so eeevvvviiillll!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the "Manchurian Candidate" analogy is the Bill just never would play a little solitaire.... otherwise it's smack on,

I voted for Nader first time round because 1) Gore wasn't going to carry Virginia, 2) I wanted to strengthen the Green Party. Well, Nader had no interest in the Green Party, and he damaged it. Oops. I'd say Hilary's starting to revert to her Bircher-Goldwater roots except she's not that ideologically consistent--power seems to be the chief motivation. She learned her lesson with the health care debacle--"Keep the Big Boys Dishonest" is the route to the top.