Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Turning up the volume on nothing to say

What about the sort who complain about other people complaining? Of course, this sort’s own complaints are totally called-for and righteous, but when someone who disagrees with them does some complaining, well, that’s seen as “whining.”

What about guys who beat the drum for law-and-order -- lock 'em up, throw away the key -- then turn around to call prosecutors “overzealous” and judges “activists,” when the verdict does injury to the drum-beater’s political party?

What about political bloggers who consistently defend their favorite politicians’ bad moves by saying somebody in the opposite party did it first? Inevitably, that childish charge is followed by some angry finger-pointing at rival bloggers -- to try to change the subject -- for not having attacked the politician the finger-pointer says did the bad thing first.

Would you call the lacking-in-substance pattern of contributing to the marketplace of ideas outlined above an exhibition of bad style? Or, is it simply no style?

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