Friday, February 16, 2007

Goode on the "money" threat

The live broadcasts of the debate in the House of Representatives on C-SPAN have been damn good TV. Of course, I'm glad the Democrats have been doing a pretty good job of making their case. And, the Republicans have struggled, for the most part -- their arguments have sounded stale.

Beyond the partisan aspects of it, I hope a lot of young citizens have been watching. It’s been a great civics lesson.

Without a doubt the most bizarre part of the show, so far, has been when Rep. Virgil Goode opened his mouth. Of course, I cringed because with Virginia listed next to his name the man looked and sounded like a crackpot. I’ve listened to hours and hours of other speakers, but none of them sounded as nutty as Goode.

Goode even warned his listeners that if the resolution opposing the Bush “surge” plan passed, it could lead to them -- meaning the enemy -- taking the phrase “In God We Trust” off of our money. Then Goode said they -- once again, meaning whoever he imagines is the enemy -- would replace those words with “In Moo-hammed We Trust.”

Goode acted as if that made-up-out-of-thin-air threat to our currency was pertinent. No one laughed him out of the room. Nobody threw a net over him.

No, it wasn’t The Daily Show. It was C-SPAN. Must-see TV.


spankthatdonkey said...

It is amazing how you cringe at Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson like they are the greatest threat to all liberty in America.

However, you give a pass to these radical Mullahs in Iraq and Iran who convince teenagers to strap on bombs and kill infidels (yeah, you are one too) for the promise of 23 virgins in heaven.

The ultimate goal of Islam is world domination, Virgil Goode is right. The foolish leftists in Europe have set their entire continent up for a demographic timebomb, by allowing unfettered Muslim Immigration. You know something Virgl opposes.

Are you truly that short sighted, or just constantly blinded by your hatred of Conservatives?

Mosquito said...

Unfortunately Virginia seems to have it's share of crackpots who will undoubtedly support Goode's insane comments.

I bet the Daily Show will find Virgil Goode hard to resist....Goode is a great example of a right wing conspiracy theorist.

F.T. Rea said...


You haven’t read anything at SLANTblog about Falwell and Robertson being a threat to anything. You are making that up.

Nor have you read anything here suggesting I have given a free pass to the murderous religious fanatics and gangsters who operate in Iraq, or anywhere else. That’s another invention of your squirming-like-a-toad brain.

Just because I don’t share your paranoid, KKK-like view of Islam, doesn’t mean I support the goals of some Muslims who are terrorists.

When you suggest that I “hate” conservatives, perhaps that’s because “hate” is on your mind, not mine. Hate is not a word I use lightly. And, when you call yourself a “conservative” you are flattering yourself. No thinking conservative who lines up behind the William Buckleys or George Wills of the political landscape would stand by any of the guff you sling around in the name of patriotism.

Moreover, Virgil Goode is a sick joke. He represents the worst Virginia has to offer.

Bottom line: I’m tired of you coming here to accuse me of being in on conspiracies, hating people and the like. My patience is not unlimited.

Stop it.

JPTERP said...

The timing of Virg's comments are a little curious.

This week Dusty Foggo was shipped to prison in connection with the Randy "Duke" Cunningham scandal. Virgil Goode has some MZM connections in reference an MZM Martinsville plant (now closed)--a screw-up which is going to requiring a nice expenditure from the local taxpayers--plus some lingering questions about his own involvement.

Think the race-religion-baiting might have been a little distraction for some of the locals?

You know, the issue becomes "look at those libs with their panties all up in bunches over my completely bone-headed comments, the likes of which you yokels could decipher from fact and fiction" versus "Why is this MZM thing keep coming back in the news, I thought Virgil said he had nothing to do with that?"

Btw, I do not personally believe people in the 5th are yokels. And I don't believe Virgil is an idiot either. I do think that he's playing people at home for fools. Some politicians get to eating from the trough in Washington, DC; then they go back home and RAIL about how screwed up Washington, DC is--BUT they keep wanting to come right back. They'd even lie, steal, cheat, and engaging in a little race-baiting in order to keep a nice little 6 figure job with a good pension.

F.T. Rea said...


In drawing a bead on Goode’s self-serving and rather craven motives your aim is on target.

As for the yokel factor in the 5th District ... I’ll pass on the opportunity to comment on that. One way or another, he keeps getting reelected.

Anonymous said...

aame people hate VA party official for being arab

spankthatdonkey said...

You know Terry, my policy at STD is to debate all comers. The worse they present their opinions the better it makes my post look.

That is for the readers to judge. Why don't you challenge your readers? Should you ban STD from Slantblog?

I think their opinion would be even more important than your own... as you can imagine they enjoy reading the debate on the issues.

oh, and I am pleased that you do look favorably upon Mr. Fallwell & Robertson, I can not wait for you to expand upon this revelation...

furthermore, 'toad like' would be more of a 'hopping' sensation rather than squirming, that would be more worm like :-) The fact you didn't curse me and only likened me to an amphibian displays quite admirably your civility as a blogger....

F.T. Rea said...


The "toad" thing is from a Doors song.

Maybe you will trick me into helping you promote yourself. Maybe you won't. Although you've tried for months to provoke me to "curse" you or "ban" you, so you can brag about it to get attention, I've put up with your frequently annoying comments.

What if I just ignore you?

Will that trample on your freedom of speech, too?