Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shaun Kenney now among the Bloggers for Waldo

Now comes a post from a more thoughtful conservative blogger than some out on the fringe, or perhaps some who have fallen off the map, of the right side of the blogosphere: Shaun Kenney, a resolute Republican, weighs in on the rhubarb that has been dominating many discussions within the Virginia political blogging community for the last few days. Here is an excerpt:

“...Given the opportunity to use his skills to coarsen the Virginia blogosphere, one guy actually did his best to widen the scope and create opportunities for people to take advantage of the new media: Waldo Jaquith. Folks, I'm not arguing that I agreed with the removal of GGD. Mr. Jaquith is an unabashed, socialist, commie-pinko, leftist, tree-hugging, socialist (for good measure) Democrat. So now that my conservative credentials are firmly re-established....

“Waldo is a rare example of how a partisan can still be objective and altruistic for the good of his neighbor. Considering how Waldo Jaquith could have very well been otherwise, taking the tack of his erstwhile colleagues on the left, blogs should be grateful for an even playing field.”

Click here to read Kenney’s entire take on this evolving story.

Update: A second prominent Republican blogger has agreed with Kenney’s statement. Norm Leahy at One Man’s Trash says:

“...There was a time when it seemed that people from both sides could disagree without being disagreeable. And those disagreements could be sharp, indeed. It made things interesting. It made things fun. Now, we have a whole lot less of both and that's terribly sad.”

Click here to read the entire post.

Question: Who will be the next Republican blogger to step up to the plate?

Answer: Commonwealth Conservative, J’s Notes, The Ward View


Anonymous said...

I've not really been following this "controversy" very closely, seems sort of silly...really, yawn

spankthatdonkey said...

Interesting Terry:
Republicans are always referred to as "thoughtful', when they agree with Liberals.. i.e. John McCain, at least when McCain agrees with your positions...

Currently, McCain has been attacked by the Left (RK) because he is a front runner for 08'

Let Shaun Kenney run for office again, and that 'thoughtful' label will disappear....

But for now, Shaun gets the accolades of Liberals because he breaks with Pub principles, such as censoring a photograph, that a Liberal editor (Waldo) objects too.

Conservatives will never learn, and never win when they bend their principles to please the Political Left, or in the case of Sen. Allen soften their campaigns to appease the rhetoric (browbeating of the left).

These Conservatives get all drunk with the acclaim, but once they fall under the Liberal Knife again, you got to wonder if the hang over is worth it...

James Young said...

That's Liberal arrogance and condescension, STD. SOP for the far Left.