Saturday, November 25, 2006

Splattergate flashback

In 1998, with impeachment in the air and the Clinton administration being hobbled by the investigation of the nature of the president’s relationships with various women -- most notoriously, Monica Lewinsky -- eventually, I felt called upon to lampoon the scandal. So I created a series of caricatures featuring some of the main characters and wrote goofy captions for them.

That was "Splattergate," my fifth series of collectable cards on a theme.

Below the reader will see seven of the nine frames for the Splattergate cards (click on an image to enlarge it). By the time I got this set on the market -- in my regular shops in Carytown and the Fan -- a lot of people were way tired of hearing about the never-ending investigation. So, for that reason and perhaps others, it didn’t get the amount of publicity my earlier card sets had enjoyed, and it didn’t sell as well either.

Which means they can still be had -- not reprints! -- still packed in their original ziplock plastic bags, while they last. For political junkies, who like their collectibles, get in touch by email if this interests you. For just nine bucks, I’ll mail you the Splattergate pack with all nine caricatures, plus the title card, in it. And yes, deep discounts are available with a large order.

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