Saturday, August 06, 2005

Modern Terrorists Are Not What We Have Supposed

OpEd column Hall-of-Famer Georgie Anne Geyer has been writing some of the sharpest analysis of international affairs routinely since the 1960s. Here's an excerpt of a real-time reality the Bush gang can't be happy about facing:

"The common belief here in Washington, repeated over and over, was that the jihadis, suicide bombers and violent radicals we have found ourselves up against were, first, all Arabs and, second, from the dregs of Arab and Islamic societies. All they had to lose were lives that weren't worth living, anyway. Then came the London subway and bus bombings on July 7 and July 21, and what did we find?

"... a database of jihadis drawn up by Marc Sageman, formerly of the CIA, showing that about 75 percent of anti-Western terrorists are from middle- or upper-middle-class homes, that 65 percent have some college experience, and that three-quarters have professional jobs, excelling (my Gaza experience, again) in science and engineering."

Click here to read the Geyer piece.

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