Friday, August 26, 2005

Days of May

Richmond writer/musician Travis Charbeneau, an occasional contributor to SLANT over the years, has penned a new novel called "Days of May." Much of the action is set in 1968, a year of rapid-fire, momentous events that probably rocked the Baby Boomers' world like no other, before or since.

Of this recently completed work author Charbeneau says, "I started a novel many years ago, 'Days of May,' in which an aging hipster encounters his misspent youth -- 1968 to be exact -- 20 years after the misspending. By 1988, the current roll back the clock mindset was already well-established, and our hero suffers from crushing disappointment, divorce and drug abuse. The plot naturally includes sex, drugs; rock and roll -- even some violence during a Paris riot -- but can't escape a spiritual subtext: is there any power in goodness?"

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