Friday, June 03, 2005

SLANT Baseball Stadium Survey

With all the talk about what’s right or wrong about The Diamond, or the proposed new baseball stadium for Shockoe Bottom, I haven’t seen much in the way of a study, scientific or not, to see what baseball fans think of such notions. I'm curious about whether baseball fans -- people who actually go to The Diamond -- think baseball in the Bottom is doable, or not.

Therefore, using the infinite and random potential of the Internet, SLANT is going to try to conduct a study. If you think you have been to at least 10 games at The Diamond in the last five years (an average of twice per season), I hope you will take the time to send me your answers ( to the questions below. Furthermore, I’m also hoping you will feel free to copy, and or forward, this survey form to other fans who go to baseball games in Richmond.

Note: I will not reveal or pass on anyone’s email address. And, your name will not be used in the piece I publish unless you send me a comment, AND give me your permission to use it.


1. How many R-Braves games at The Diamond have you attended in the last five years?

A. At least 10 games
B. Between 10 and 25 games
C. Between 25 and 50 games
D. Over 50 games

2. Given your understanding of the proposed new baseball stadium for Shockoe Bottom, what do you think of the plan?

A. It sounds like a great idea to me
B. Good idea, but I’m not so sure about some of the details
C. It may be unnecessary, but I’m not against it
D. It’s an absolutely terrible idea

3. If the R-Braves do leave The Diamond to play on a new field in Shockoe Bottom, what effect would that have on your attendance?

A. I’m sure I would to more R-Braves games
B. I would probably go to about the same number of games
C. I doubt I’d see as many games, but I would not boycott a new stadium
D. I would never go to the Bottom for a baseball game.

4. When the dust all settles where should the Triple A Braves play their home games?
A. Assuming it get fixed up properly, at The Diamond
B. At the new stadium in Shockoe Bottom
C. At a new stadium in a better location than the Bottom
D. In another city.

If you would like to make a comment, feel free to do so. Send your answers/comments to (Photo credit: F. T. Rea)


Anonymous said...


The Diamond is conveniently located and Scott's Addition, the nearby neighborhood, could become the next Manchester depending on zoning decisions.

Still and all, if you want a spectacular new setting for sports in the city, use Mayo's Island, which was once the home of Tate Field where Babe Ruth and Jim Thorpe played exhibition games. It's been said flooding is a problem, but that can be resolved through engineering. Parking, too. Such a venue could also be used for concerts and other events.

VCU has expressed interest in The Diamond. Well, right now, the University of Richmond, a wealthy private institution, rents its stadium for a buck. Some quid pro quo is overdue.

F.T. Rea said...

The Boulevard "sports district" concept sure works for me. Key elements are already in place and
with a little cosmetic work between Broad St. and Westwood; throw in a couple of sports bars, a bowling
alley, a skateboard park, maybe miniature golf, etc., and voila!

Plus, as anonymous said, Scott's Addition is just sitting there waiting to blossom.