Sunday, August 31, 2003

Bality, a Richmond Artist to Note

Andras Bality’s studio is in the Fan District and he studied at VCU, so it’s fair to call him a Fan District artist.

Bality’s paintings are the work of an artist who has hit his stride, with the particular style he has developed. It’s a pleasant task studying his canvasses, considering the choices he must have made to depict a scene. Many of the compositions seem to be suggesting a gray sort of day, a lighting situation in which color trumps shadow.

Bality’s work challenges the viewer, without shouting at him. While it’s consistently tasteful and easy to like, he is still experimenting. There's a playful sense to his art that's subtle, like a fleeting eye-twinkle.

Here’s a link to a Bality painting of a Fan District scene:

And, here’s the link to Bality’s web site (there are miniatures of several more paintings there.

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