Friday, June 01, 2018

2018 GRFGA T-shirts

The art for the 2018 GRFGA T-shirts is above. For what it's worth it's the ninth in the series I've designed. The ink colors will be black and white. So what you see above as black will be that on your short. The fabric colors will surround the white circle (an imaginary golf disc).

The new T-shirts (100% heavy duty cotton), long sleeve and short, will be available in three familiar colors – the red, blue and athletic gray that was used for the last T-shirt (Where the Frisbees Landed). Color swatches are shown below. 

 The prices are:
  • short sleeves: $18.
  • long sleeves: $21
  • sweatshirts: (crew neck, gray only) $28
They are all available in S, M, L and XL. Add $2 for XXLs. Add $3 for XXXLs. 

Please note: As before, these friendly prices are based on the customer paying in advance and picking up the T-shirts, as per usual, once they are available. Last day for placing an order is June 25. Thanks.

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