Tuesday, September 26, 2017

'The Vietnam War' series is top shelf TV

Like millions of people I've been watching the splendid new Ken Burns documentary, “The Vietnam War.” It has me put me in a trance, at times. 

Remembering more vividly what living through 1968 – what a year! – was like has stirred and jostled memories of both headline-making consequential events and trivial sidebars. Of course, in this context the music makes all the feelings stronger. 

Then there have been the revelations. Yes, you might learn something, I have. 

One thing watching the first six episodes has done is to remind me of how wrapped up I was in 1983 watching the documentary that aired on PBS then, “Vietnam: A Television History." As it was, I was living in a sort of trance much of the time that fall, 34 years ago. By then I was old enough to appreciate how much that war changed the USA.

Note: You can watch all the episodes of the new PBS doc by Burns online

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