Friday, August 25, 2017

Trump to Stump for Gillespie?

At this writing Pres. Donald J. Trump is still casting a long shadow over the nation's political landscape. That surely threatens to darken future elections, coast-to-coast. It's still anybody's guess when we will finally see the sitting president properly hoisted by one of his own petards. Tick, tick, tick...

Meanwhile, in Virginia, we're going to elect a governor in November. With mid-term Congressional elections not until next year, for the next two months this purple commonwealth's race for the Governor's Mansion will be at the top of the national political news. This year's gubernatorial race in Virginia is going to be spotlighted like no statewide election before. Or, at least not since 1994, when Ollie North ran against Chuck Robb … and Doug Wilder … and Marshall Coleman. No one should be surprised to see the money thrown at this election to break existing records.

Thus, the looming president's approval rating – his popularity, or lack thereof – will be tested in Virginia for all the world to see, to analyze. Sure, some state issues will matter. Likewise, either of the two major party candidates could manage to tilt the momentum his way, Trump or no Trump. Still, Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam better be ready for prime time, because here it comes.

But will the glowering president come to Virginia to stump for Gillespie, a potential loser? Could a desperate Gillespie disavow Trump? Will those two Republicans risk standing side-by-side on the same stage?

For the stewing president, here comes Robert Mueller. Tick, tick, tick...

-- Art and words by F.T. Rea

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