Monday, August 08, 2016

Trump's Way: The Occupation Must End

Note: The Occupation Must End is Episode 2 of Trump's Way. To read Episode 1 go here.

“Yesterday the first of the demonstrators showed up,” President-Elect Trump will say to open the fourth of his Trump's Way live television shows. “It was bound to happen. Look at those signs, 'Obama, Go Away!' and 'The Occupation Must End!'”

Since Pres. Barack Obama will not have answered Trump's call for him to move out of the White House by Nov. 30, Trump will again remind the Obamas they have just 16 days left to end their "occupation" of the White House. Trump's head and shoulders will be seen superimposed over a live shot of demonstrators marching across the Key Bridge on their way toward the White House.

Of course, the demonstrators will be singing "Hit the Road, Barack," after the Ray Charles song with a similar title. The crowd of marchers will be estimated at 2,500-to-3,000 people by the D.C. Police.

Trump will say, “Look at all those people. Good Americans. Not one Muslim or Mexican in the bunch. My people have checked.”

After a deep prolonged sigh, Trump will look directly into the camera and go into his familiar schtick about making America great again. Then he'll look back over his shoulder, like he's seeing what the viewer sees and say, “Looks like 20,000 … people are saying it could be 40,000. All I know is many more, many, many more are on the way. I just hope, I pray it stays peaceful."

The president-elect will address his next statement to a particular audience: "By the way, speaking of getting out of Dodge, you illegal immigrants, you people can all still leave the country peacefully. Do it before I'm running the show. Believe me! Please believe me. You'll be so glad you did. So glad."

Trump will close the show with this thinly veiled insult: “Nice people don't overstay their welcome. Time for the ex-president to go, go back to Chicago, or maybe Kenya.”

Note: In Episode 3 Trump's Way will be carried live by Fox, CBS, ABC and CNN. 

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-- Art and words by F.T. Rea

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