Thursday, March 20, 2014

Post at Bearing Drift misses the mark

A story I wrote with an accompanying illustration has been used to make a point by a writer at Bearing Drift, a conservative blog. Since the writer, Shaun Kenney, got something wrong, I tried to leave a comment under his post. I wasn’t able to complete the task. Not sure why.

Here's what I wanted Kenney's readers to see:
While it’s a bit disconcerting to see my work used in this way, I can laugh it off. However, I do want to make something clear: When Shaun Kenney writes, “which clearly outlined a small black child watching the whirlwind approach,” that’s his view of the illustration. And, if what was intended by the artist (me) actually matters this time, Kenney missed the mark.

Art-wise, my intention with that 1991 political cartoon was to imitate the familiar 1904 illustration of the Tar-Baby by E.W. Kemble, as it appeared in the famous Uncle Remus folklore story, as written by Joel Chandler Harris. Moreover, it most certainly was not intended to be a depiction of “small black child” watching anything. Anyone who knows the Tar-Baby story should know better. Kemble drew a lump of tar wearing a hat and I followed suit.
Click here to see the 1991 political cartoon in question.

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