Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why support the Binding Referendum Project?

After 10 years of squabbling over one revamped stadium plan and another a referendum in November could solve this nettlesome problem for good.

Last summer City Council voted 6-3 against holding an “advisory” referendum on election day. The other way to get a referendum on the ballot bypasses City Council. Rather than a mere show of voter sentiment the result would be “binding.” Among other things, that path involves getting many petitions signed by voters registered in Richmond.

That path also scares politicians of all stripes.

The first exploratory meeting to discuss developing this strategy was held in December. Another will be announced soon on Facebook and elsewhere. The effort to put together an ad hoc group to do the necessary legwork is being called the Binding Referendum Project. It is hoped this effort will lead to giving Richmond’s voters a chance to finally weigh in on this issue.

There is a list of reasons for wanting to prevent the building of a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom. Regardless of why one is against it, if the issue gets on the ballot those opposing such a stadium will win. And, yes, Mayor Jones knows that.

Go to Referendum? Bring It On! for more info.

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