Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Binding Referendum Project

To: Richmonders, one and all
Re: The Binding Referendum Project

As 2013 is ending City Hall seems to be telling the citizens of Richmond they have two choices in how they may react to the new baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom deal. We can like it, or we can lump it.

With a slick propaganda campaign pushing this newest version of the baseball in the Bottom plan, the task of stopping City Hall’s bandwagon won’t be easy. Yes, some powerful locals are on the bandwagon. But there are some everyday folks in Richmond who think there may be a way to stop it, using the best tool available in a democracy -- votes. 

The first meeting was a step. Held Tuesday evening (Dec. 17) in the old fire station that now houses Gallery 5, it breathed life into the Binding Referendum Project.

Eight people sat down and talked about standing on common ground. They didn’t necessarily agree on the best path to that ground. Some talked more than others but everyone had their say. Views were politely discussed, questions were asked. There were more questions than answers.

The goal of the group -- that common ground thing -- is to stop the building of a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom, and to put an end to such a bad idea. The goal is not to dictate where, or even if, a new baseball stadium will be built.

In the process of the conversation the would-be collaborators seemed to be becoming a little more comfortable with one another. It wasn't a get-together of old friends. It was discussion about a political strategy, devoid of ideology. As the eight left the hour-long confab, as faint as it may have been, there was a spirit of collegiality in the air.

In 2014 this new group expects to add considerably to its numbers. Next month the group plans to propose a feasible solution to the problem those two choices pose. A third choice is being crafted.

As you enjoy the holidays season, there's new hope that the right thing will be done. Hey, who's against democracy?

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