Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Name Game

The most passionate anti-Obama forces don’t always agree on which putdowns to hurl at him, so -- non-stop! -- we’ve heard a variety of accusations from them over the last few years: Obama is a "secret Muslim." Obama is a "socialist." Obama is the "biggest liar" ever to occupy the White House. Obama is an "alien" (Kenya, Mars, take your pick). 

Since producing the credible evidence to back up any of that name-calling is more difficult than just SHOUTING it, well, that means the aforementioned hurlers have mostly believed what they were saying on blind faith and wishful thinking. Or, they haven't necessarily cared how true any of it was, because many of them haven't been saying what really has been bothering them about President Barack Obama, all along. So, they call him names they feel are distasteful. Which is why some now say he is "gay."

However, I suspect most honest adults in America, liberal, conservative or indifferent, know in their hearts what the cloaked reason has been and remains. Perhaps the hurlers are the most revealing when they angrily and preemptively deny their "racism."

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