Friday, July 05, 2013

Five Favorites: TV Characters

Heard a radio commentator explaining why the Lone Ranger was one of the most important, most iconic characters of the 20th century’s popular culture. Hmm …

Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs, TV's first beatnik

So, never having been much of a Lone Ranger fan, I started thinking about who I would put on a list, drawing from characters in literature, comic strips, movies, etc. Then my head exploded.

Therefore, instead of most important/iconic, I’m doing a five favorites list, like I usually do. The category is television characters (fiction only, people appearing as themselves don‘t count this time).

Here‘s the list my five favorite regularly appearing television characters (in alphabetical order):
  • Lt. Columbo (Columbo, 1968-78 on NBC)
  • Maynard G. Krebs (The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 1959-63 on CBS)
  • Maggie O’Connell (Northern Exposure, 1990-95 on CBS)
  • Paladin (Have Gun Will Travel, 1957-63 on CBS)
  • George "Kingfish" Stevens (Amos & Andy, 1951-53 on CBS)
As always, in a different mood, the list would probably change tomorrow. This is today's favorite five. 

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Ernie Brooks said...

Cosmo Kramer - Seinfeld
Dr. Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory
Det. Lenny Briscoe - Law & Order
Det. Frank Pembleton - Homicide: Life On the Street
Nancy Botwin - Weeds

Ernie Brooks