Friday, June 14, 2013

More fun than a barrel full of spies

When it came to spies Prohias nailed it.

When Republicans wholeheartedly supported the Patriot Act and other spy-on-everybody authorizations after 9/11, they must have thought Bush would be followed by another Republican, and another, etc.

After all, their strategy then -- as directed by Karl Rove -- was to create a permanent Republican majority. So, in those cowering days of color-coded fear alerts, there was no problem with giving the executive branch such extraordinary power … oops!

Speaking of colors, watching the purple outrage over being spied upon pouring across my Facebook news feed has been mostly funny, to me. Yes, exhibitionists who are fine with exposing themselves online all day long, getting their secret feathers ruffled because Obama’s NSA is listening to their “private” conversations on their cell phones (which are basically two-way radios), seems quite laugh-worthy.

In 2013, are the Republicans the spies dressed in white or black?  

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