Monday, May 13, 2013

A Positive Vibe in the Gym: Coaches' Cook-Off

The Coaches: VCU'S Shaka Smart and UR's Chris Mooney

On April 25, 2013, Benedictine’s gym was a big roomful of positive vibes. That was the evening that saw the Coaches' Cook-Off event, as outlined here by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, fill up that Museum District's storied gymnasium at $100-a-head for a good cause.

Not having $100 for my head or anyone else’s, I went as a guest of a generous benefactor and I had a good time. Saw some old friends and witnessed a splendid event that pitted the University of Richmond’s head coach for men's basketball, Chris Mooney, against his counterpart at VCU, Shaka Smart.

The coaches hammed it up, as did anyone who could get their hands on a microphone. It was all in fun. There was more than enough good food and drink on hand. However, the contest had the coaches cooking for a panel of five judges who passed as celebrities.

Mooney’s meal was voted the winner. But the biggest smiles were on the faces of the people who organized the event and worked it. They did a great job and they had to know it. The Coaches’ Cook-Off benefited the Positive Vibe Café in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center at 2825 Hathaway Road.

If you don’t know the story behind that very special restaurant/school, then click here. Here’s a blurb from the Positive Vibe’s web site:
Since 2004, Positive Vibe Café has trained over 400 students, all with scholarships. The training program aims to prepare students for the work world and includes basic food service skills; is hands-on, builds self-confidence and readies students for real world employment. Graduates of our training program also acquire skills in cleaning and sanitizing, proper use of kitchen utensils, food safety, commercial dish washing, communication in a work place, interviewing, and job seeking. The program typically lasts four weeks and culminates with a graduation ceremony. Each graduate, in the end, is prepared for job seeking, interviewing and working in the food service industry.  

Next event: VibeFest’13.
Sun., May 19, at the restaurant, from noon until 6 p.m.

Featuring: Honky Tonk Experience, The Hullabaloos, The Taters, Blue Line Highway, The Janet Martin Band, Cardinal Compass, The Dreamers, The Sommervillians with Solomon Miles
and more.

Admission: $5. 

Images of coaches from the RT-D

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