Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Billy Roast ... Perhaps

Billy Snead's pals roasted him at the Biograph Theatre softball team's 30th annual Derby Day reunion party on May 2, 2009. At the time some of us also wanted to celebrate our friend Billy's applause-worthy stiff-arming of leukemia. The video below documents the roasting.

Always a stalwart about attending the Derby Day reunion, Billy Snead (pictured above in 1992) couldn't make it to last year's 33rd edition of the party in 2012. The cancer had returned; he died on the day after, May 6th.

The video footage from 2009's Derby Day get-together was shot using a borrowed digital camera with no tripod (camera sitting on a table), no lights, with whatever sound was in the air (including a brief rainstorm). Nonetheless, rough as it might be, this short film manages to capture a natural celebration of camaraderie that is uplifting.

The music, "Bill's Journey," is by Bill Blue. It was used with his permission.

To read some very funny stories Billy wrote about his salad days growing up in the Fan District click here.

For information about this year''s party on May 4th, go to the Facebook event page here

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