Monday, November 21, 2011

Pepper-spraying cop, Lt. John Pike, for president?

In what country was this photograph of police brutality taken?
Given what we've seen with this year's kaleidoscopic GOP presidential nominating process, for those picky Republicans who still can't stomach the chameleon-like Mitt Romney, what's next?

In the opinion polls we've seen a series of candidates rise and light up like fireworks, then waft dimly back to Earth. Donald Trump's gravitas flashed over the political landscape, briefly, followed by Michele Bachmann's crazy eyes and crazier statements. Rick Perry was fine until he started talking. Then Herman Cain bumbled and tumbled into scrutiny -- uh, oh!

Now, even with his uniquely ponderous baggage, Newt Gingrich seems to be having his day in the sun. All the while, Romney's approval rating in the mid-20s has remained remarkably stable ... whatever that means. 

Who's the next anti-Romney?

My guess is UC Davis cop, Lt. John Pike (pictured above), who enthusiastically pepper-sprayed passive student protestors, to become a YouTube star of the first magnitude. With his nonchalant style, as he tortured those he had power over, Pike has surely become an instant folk hero in certain quarters. How long before Fox News hires him as a political commentator is anybody's guess. 

Channeling the dogged spirit of Bull Connor, and in the recent tradition of non-traditional candidates like Joe the Plumber and Christine "I'm Not a Witch, Anymore" O'Donnell, Pike has already demonstrated the peculiar star power that could go a long way toward getting the vote out in those early Republican primaries next year.


Anonymous said...

Bull Connor was a democrat. What affiliation is Pike?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should watch the complete video of what happened that day. You'll see the police were surrounded and were not being allowed to leave peacefully.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous, it's hardly surprising when a person who is unwilling to sign their name to what they post also likes to make stuff up.

Anonymous said...
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F.T. Rea said...

Please note: Those who comment anonymously are usually allowed to post their predictably mischievous words at SLANTblog. But rules do not allow them to post links to other sites.

Anonymous said...

Wow Terry, you really do have complete and utter disrespect for the truth, don't you.

What I posted was a link to a youtube video which shows a complete picture of the episode, including protestors surrounding cops and telling the cops that "if you let them go [the arrested occupiers], we will let you leave."

The truth shall set you free old man. Don't die bitter AND with your head in the sand.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous (8:46 p.m.), what I have no respect for are mean-spirited prevaricators who anonymously needle others, using lowbrow malarkey they like to foist of as the truth.