Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 11: Still 'Occupying' Wall Street

There's something happening in Manhattan that may be important. Although it has been unfolding for 11 days, it has largely been ignored or treated as a curiosity by the national media. Nonetheless, this unusual story is gradually picking up momentum.

NEW YORK, September 29 - A standoff near Wall Street between protesters opposed to what they say is corporate greed and police may drag on into winter, with a march on police headquarters the likely next test of whether tensions escalate.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was planning on Friday an unauthorized demonstration on the streets outside the New York City police center of operations.

Read the entire Reuters article here.

Here's some background:
  • A Sept. 19 article in The Guardian is here.
  • A Sept. 27 New York Times article on Occupy Wall Street is here.
  • Adbusters' OccupyWallStreet page is here.
  • An Alternet report is here.
  • Some background on Occupy Wall Street at The Nation is here.

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