Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tiger's game

So, now we are left to imagine: Tiger Woods was ducking flying golf clubs as he jumped into his SUV in the middle of the night; maybe one of them smashing through his back window distracted him so much he ran over a fire hydrant ... then into a tree.

Tiger wants his privacy. After making zillions from endorsements that have come to him for one reason, because he’s a public figure/television star, now he wants to be able to keep his dirty laundry away from public scrutiny.

Good luck with that, Tiger. It won’t be long before the speculation about his “accident” will be so outrageous that whatever the truth is will be tame in comparison. Then we’ll see if he stays mum.

Well, Tiger may be the smartest player in his game, but maybe he chose the wrong game if he’s still worried that his wife might use the equipment to settle a score with him.

Maybe Tiger should switch to Frisbee-golf.

The photo above shows the target on the second hole of the GRFGA’s Back Nine at the Carillon. My group plays on several unmarked object courses in that area. We throw our discs at trees and light poles and such, rather than lobbing them into metal baskets. Our style predates the baskets. And, when one of us gets accidentally hit by a flying disc, it doesn't hurt as much as a being clobbered by a two iron.

Moreover, we don’t run over fire hydrants with motor vehicles; we just hit them with our plastic Frisbees and count up how many strokes it took to do it.

-- Photo by Colleen Dee

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Pat McConnell said...

Woods would try to get into the First Lady’s panties…if she were White.