Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ruffled Feathers and Cold Beer

There's a new OpEd piece of mine up at It's about the curious story of what happened in Cambridge, Mass., to do with the arrest of Henry Louis Gates on July 16, and the overblown aftermath.
President Barack Obama’s "acted stupidly" remark on July 22 about an arrest in Cambridge, Mass., ruffled feathers coast-to-coast. He has since volunteered that his choice of words may not have been the best.

Nonetheless, for the last week Obama has heard a steady stream of rebukes. Folks have said they were deeply offended and absolutely outraged. Although some reactions have obviously been exaggerated for effect, that doesn’t mean this brouhaha is a waste of time.
Click here to read "Ruffled Feathers and Cold Beer."


Update: After a conversation with friends last night at Chiocca's, I'd like to add an update. A couple of guys said, if they were Sgt. Crowley, they wouldn't go to the Suds Summit, to help the president cover his exposure. Well, in spite of how much Obama's detractors are enjoying the flurry of attention his faux pas has garnered, apparently it was Crowley who first mentioned a get-together over beers. Click here for more background.

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