Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama's need to change

While I enthusiastically support President Barack Obama now, just as I did when he was seeking the office, a problem is developing. It's about torture.

Writer/cartoonist Ted Rall has zeroed in on the problem:

Ah, the great shell game of American justice. You can't prosecute the torturers because their lawyers advised them that torture was OK. You can't prosecute the lawyers because all they did was theorize--they didn't torture anyone. You can't prosecute the president and vice president who ordered the torture because they have "executive privilege" and, anyway, who would put a head of state on trial? What is this, Peru?

What's the flip side of a victimless crime? A perpless crime?

Click here to read Rall's entire column.

My hope is that Obama will soon realize that what has been his averted-eye policy to what seems to have been America's deliberate violations of dead serious international laws, to do with torture, must CHANGE.

Wanting to look forward, turn the page, is good.

But wanting to protect the authors of the Bush administration's torture policy is anything but good. Ignoring international calls for truth and justice is going to continue to undermine Obama's otherwise enlightened foreign policy initiatives as long as it goes on.


Star Womanspirit said...

I also am trying to hang in there with Obama...but we all need to hold his feet to the fire.

At the rate he is going he may end up being an accomplice to Bush's war crimes.

I'd hate to see this. Obama needs to repudiate not validate the Bush/Cheney torture policies.

David Giles said...

Calling Ted Ralls a cartoonist is like calling Josef Mengele a doctor, (while we are on the subject of torture). The man hasn't written a cartoon worth putting in the bottom of a bird cage in his entire career. The first rule of cartooning is “be funny”, and the second is “enlighten with truth and irony” neither of which he has a clue about doing. He is the worst kind of bitter anti American hate monger. His illustration also sucks.

O’Bama won't do a damn thing different in Iraq or the mid east war than Bush did, and never intended to. He can't afford to leave the enemies of America able and potent to do more 9-11's, thus he has to prosecute the war to it's end or face the label of allowing the next big homeland attack on his watch.

Democrats are about to find out the hard way that the people they placed in power are just in it for the power grab. Its their turn to take the blame for what comes. Enjoy your wish come true.

- the Curmudgeon