Sunday, February 15, 2009

Memphis Rockabilly's Jeff Spencer dead

Jeff Spencer, the vocalist/leader of the Boston-based Memphis Rockabilly Band, died on Wed., Feb. 11 (see update). Spencer and his band played in Richmond frequently from the late-70s through the late-80s. They played on stage at High on the Hog six times during that decade.
Memphis Rockabilly Band was the last band to appear on the High on the Hog stage at the last party in '06. According to Chuck Wrenn, Jeff, who was 63, died of a heart attack.

"HOTH 9: I Don't Care Tonight": Shot in video with four cameras, this is a clip of the MRB performing at High on the Hog 9 (1985). It's part of a 16-minute documentary on the annual party on Libby Hill (1977-2006) which was directed by yours truly.
Click here to read more about MRB and High on the Hog in a piece I wrote for Brick a couple of years ago.

Click here to read Spencer's obituary in the Patriot Ledger.


Update: The original date of Jeff's death was posted incorrectly (it was off one day). Now I hope it is accurate. h/t: Audrey Spencer.


Mim said...

Thanks for posting this clip.

Audrey Spencer said...

Thank you for the article, it's really nice to know how much people care. But for your information, He actually died on Wednesday the 11th
-Audrey Spencer