Thursday, September 11, 2008

Robert Grey interviewed

An interview with mayoral candidate Robert Grey is up at The piece was penned by yours truly.

As it stands now, the two candidates that haven’t raised much money, Paul Goldman and Lawrence Williams, are battling the perception they simply can’t win. And, the three candidates who have amassed large war chests must overcome perceptions they are somehow tainted by their connections, however tenuous, to various longstanding squabbles.

Of the five, Robert Grey is seen by some observers as the most connected to Wilder. Whether it’s true or not, obviously, that’s a knife that could cut either way with voters.

Click here to read the rest of the introduction and the interview itself.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Grey is presently named in Court pleadings in a divorce case because of his "relationship" with a married woman. He is also under subpoena to testify about this relationship in a separate court hearing.