Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guerilla Art Show Mar. 30


On Sunday afternoon, Mar. 30, from 2 p.m until 5 p.m., a rather unusual art happening will unfold behind the Carillon around the Ha’Penny stage in Byrd Park. Artists with the spirit of adventure to take advantage of this opportunity are going to schlep some of their work out to the park to show it, and to offer it for sale to whoever shows up to look at it.

Last September three artists participated in what was the first Guerilla Art Show in Byrd Park at this same location. The stage (just behind the Carillon on the right, as you face it) offers plenty of display area to hang things or just set on the stage. For participating artists to note -- no one will take a percentage of what is sold; there is no charge to participate. Display space will be first come, first serve ... but share.

Last time about $1,400's worth of art was sold.

Folks are also going to be picnicking at the tables in that same area. Some will be bringing musical instruments (no electricity), too. All are welcome to come to the park and have a good time looking at the art and playing/listening to music. There's also a fenced-in playground area for kids.

Bring your sense of humor, your coolers, and whatever else you think you ought to have with you to have fun. Just as it was last time, the artists don't need anyone's permission. If you think this spontaneous project sounds like fun, then you are welcome to join in.

The piece above -- "Striped Discs No. 2" -- in ink and color pencils, is mine. Along with other pieces, large and small, it will be for sale. For more information email me, Terry Rea, at, or call (804) 359-4864.

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