Thursday, October 11, 2007

High on the Hog flashback

Memphis Rockabilly Band on the wet HOTH 30 stage last year
While there will be no High on the Hog this year, here's an excerpt of the HOTH piece I penned for this week's issue of Brick Weekly:

...When it suddenly began raining in 1980, rather than lose momentum by shutting off the electricity and clearing the stage—to wait out the downpour—Wrenn broke out his staple gun and large rolls of heavy-gauge transparent plastic. With the help of volunteers an awning was hastily improvised to keep the rain off the stage. A portion of the yard closest to it was also protected, somewhat.

Then, with the electric guitars of Don’ Ax Me ... Bitch wailing in defiance of the chilly rainstorm, the sense of common purpose felt by those dancing in the mud was unforgettable. The full potential of live rock n’ roll music to simultaneously express both lamentation and celebration was realized.

To find out why there will be no HOTH 31, click here to read the entire piece at Brick.
Photo by SLANT

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