Friday, October 27, 2006

Bloggers for Allen outraged by fiction

In the last day the Virginia blogosphere has endured laughably desperate attempts by some knuckle-dragging bloggers to hurt Jim Webb’s run to unseat their darling, Republican incumbent Sen. George Allen. Such posts have sought to use passages from Webb’s published novels to suggest that the author, himself, is morally corrupt, merely for thinking up scenes which offend said bloggers. One particularly outraged tool cried:

“If George Allen had written some of the trash I have read printed under the guise of literature from Jim Webb, it would be splashed on the front pages of every newspaper in the country”

Well, yes, it probably would.


It would mean Allen had enough imagination and talent to write a book -- which would indeed be news. Allen has conveniently claimed to have created the word “macaca.” But nobody outside of his circle of sycophants believes he could have made up one word, much less a novel.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the rest of us are outraged by the Bush administration’s policies which Allen has supported like a yes-man who never had an original thought in his life. Stay the course...


Bill Garnett said...

I’ve heard enough talking heads on TV give the suggestion that Allen is not the brightest Senator in Washington, and after meeting him, I too conclude that Virginia deserves better. I have also met James Webb, and although I don’t think he comes across as polished as Allen on TV, in person he is attentive, responds with intelligence and empathy, and comes across as humble and genuine. His resume has been far too underplayed – but again suggests to me a man of ability, courage, insight, worldview and wisdom. I will vote for him as I see him as a far better candidate to deal with the common problems we face and which have been largely unaddressed in the last six years.

Vince said...

Totally agree Bill! And I want to elect Jim Web and throw out Allen so I'm doing more than voting!!!

F.T. Rea said...

Bill Garnett,

Thanks for your apt comments. It’s interesting to see just what various Allen supporters imagine will hurt Webb.

While Allen is from Southern California and has raised lots of money from his home state, his supporters in Virginia try to tarnish Webb by saying he gets campaign contributions from Hollywood elites.

That Webb is a writer of successful novels is now being pulled apart and repackaged by some desperate Allen backers into the absurd notion that he is a notorious pornographer.

Perhaps some of them believe that by merely leveling such a charge it somehow muddies the hot water the elephants find themselves wading in, due to the Foley scandal.

Such silliness says much about the accusers and nothing about Webb.

The again, why would we expect otherwise from people who depend on the likes of windbag Rush Limbaugh for their insight into the realm of politics and public affairs?